Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ken's Special Stress Diet

This diet is designed to help you cope with the
 stress that builds up during the day.

 1/2 grapefruit
 1 slice whole wheat toast
 8 oz. skim milk

 4 oz. lean broiled chicken breast
 1 cup steamed spinach
 1 cup herb tea
 1 Oreo cookie

 Mid-Afternoon snack:
 The rest of Oreos in the package
 2 pints Rocky Road ice cream, nuts, cherries and whipped cream
 1 jar hot fudge sauce

 2 loaves garlic bread
 4 beers
 1 large sausage, mushroom, and cheese pizza
 3 Snickers bars

 Late Evening Snack:
 Entire frozen Sara Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from freezer)

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